AWS Developer Certification Training


Abhi Jain

Cloud Technology is the next big wave of change in the software industry. All the software companies are either already in the cloud or considering migrating to it. Within cloud providers, AWS is at the forefront with the highest market share. As a developer, you will be working in the cloud sooner or later and chances are that among all the cloud environments, you will be deploying your application in AWS.

If you want to advance in your career as a developer, being an industry recognized certification, an AWS certificate looks good on your resume as well as your LinkedIn profile. And more importantly, while preparing for the certification, you will learn a lot about AWS and its services. As a developer, you will learn various options available to you to write and deploy code in AWS.

The AWS Certified Developer – Associate exam validates technical expertise in developing and maintaining applications on the AWS platform. In this talk, we will explore various topic areas for the exam and some of the major concepts at a high level.

For detailed information about the certification, here is the link from AWS:

I can assist you on your journey to achieve the highly coveted AWS Developer certification. I can guide you through this process of achieving the certification. No previous cloud experience is required. All you need is some basic coding experience and a lot of willingness to learn new stuff.

As part of this program, I will provide you 10 weekly sessions of 2 hours each where we will discuss all the concepts related to the exam.

Cost: $5999

Week 1: Overview of AWS. EC2 and ELB

Week 2: VPC and Auto Scaling

Week 3: Route 53, S3 and Cloud Front

Week 4: AWS CLI, SDK and CloudFormation

Week 5: Beanstalk and Lambda

Week 6: ECS, RDS and Elasticache

Week 7: DynamoDB, API Gateway

Week 8: SAM, Security Services, Application Integration

Week 9: Monitoring & Logging and Advanced IAM

Week 10: 1 Practice Exam

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