Why Should You Learn to Crack Technical Interviews

Why Should You Learn to Crack Technical Interviews

July 9, 2018 Interview 0

In today’s blog post, I will be discussing why you should learn to crack technical interviews.

First & Foremost, this is the only skill you need to get into a software job. This is the only thing that sits between you and the offer. The only hurdle that you need to remove. If you master this skill, you will be able to smoothly crack technical interviews.

If you are a newbie and want to work for a software company, you need this skill.

If you are already in the software industry and want to become a developer, you need the skill.

If you are already a software developer and want to get into a better job or better position with a better pay, this skill is going to be really helpful.

And even if you are not interested in any of these, and you just want to be at your current job, the process of learning this skill is going to strengthen your fundamentals. It widens your perspective and shows you how different systems work. How to write better code, how to explain yourself more clearly and be able to compare different algorithms.

Secondly, there is no job security in today’s market. I know it’s hard to swallow but you can be laid off any time and at the same time you are free to leave anytime as well. So to learn the skill of cracking technical interviews is your best bet. This gives you confidence to tackle any situation, if in case you get into one.

Thirdly, I am sure you keep getting emails from recruiters asking for scheduling interviews. I also get a lot of them. So there is quite a decent probability that you might hear from your dream company and dream job to schedule the interview. At that time, you have only a week or 2 with you to prepare. This strategy is going to cause you last minute stress and the strategy is somewhat more haphazard. Instead, you might want to strategize it better. You would rather be prepared upfront and be able to grab the opportunity when it comes instead of just saying that these interviewers are crazy.

Everyone has goals – career wise, financially, etc. This skill can be your best investment to help you achieve your goals in each area of life.

I hope that after listening to this video, you realize the importance of learning to crack technical interviews. I do mentor and coach students on how to answer various questions in a technical interview. If you are interested in one to one session with me on Skype, contact me via coach4dev.com and see what I can do for you. Thank you and Happy Coding!