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This website will walk you through various important techniques to crack technical interview questions with ease and help you achieve super success.


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Reverse a Linked List – Interview Question

Given a singly linked list, reverse it. Let’s find out how to answer this question in a technical interview. Suppose Here is the list:     And here is how[…]

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September 9, 2020 0

Considerations for making Enterprise REST API Public

What are the points to consider before making an Enterprise REST API Public? Let’s find out in this video. Assuming that you are exposing REST APIs which most organizations are[…]

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July 27, 2020 0

Binary Search Tree – In Order Successor Node – Interview Question

Given a node in a Binary Search Tree, find the next node as per in order traversal. Let’s find out how to answer this question in a technical interview. To[…]

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June 5, 2020 0

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    From discussions that focus on key industrial topics to case study presentations for achieving real results, my students are pushing their limits when it comes to making a mark in digital world

    I approached Abhi at a .NET user group meet-up. After his sessions, I got invited for an internship with Microsoft and because of the preparation that I had done with Abhi I felt confident and got the position!

    Lyrana Hughes
    software engg @ msft

    “I met Abhi at the SoCal Code Camp, where I attended his popular “How to Crack Technical Interview” session. I was immediately impressed by how clearly and skillfully he presented his topic, giving the audience valuable information on how to excel in the current tech industry. So, when I felt ready to re-enter the job market, I immediately knew Abhi was the right person that could help me. We worked together on CS topics like data structures and algorithms and, even more importantly, we did several whiteboarding sessions, which gave me confidence in my skills and prepared me for exactly what the current job interview scene requires. He constantly showed a genuine interest in me and my career, giving me precious advice on motivation, health, and finance, and encouraging me to aspire to greater things. I’m so glad I had Abhi as a mentor and friend: he made me a better person, and I’ll always be grateful to him for that.”

    Andrea Di Giorgio

    I have benefited greatly from being mentored by Abhi. I have learned a lot about current technology job market, and job hunting skills, as well as being exposed to motivational literature.

    Paul Verger
    SystemS ANalyst @ City of LA

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    I am a senior dev working in Los Angeles, CA. I coach software developers in learning the skill to crack technical interviews and move forward in their career. I have helped many students and want to help as many people as possible in this lifetime.

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    Abhi Jain

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